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Have The Right Golf Posture – Hit Better Shots

May 18th, 2012

Wonder why you have so much back soreness and pain after a round of golf? Or wonder why you just seem to slice everything and hit way behind the ball on your iron shots? Many beginning and high handicap suffer from these types of pains after every round.

The threat doesn’t just come in the form of bad golf shots, but also in terms of physical problems. For instance, RPM Therapy states that 35% of golf injuries are lower back problems and most of that is due to poor posture. Specifically, most beginning golfers bend far too much at the waist putting an enormous amount of torque and strain on the lower back. Hank Haney in many of his books talks about the ideal degree angle bend is somewhere between 20 to 23 degrees.

If I were to guess, most beginners 39 degree angle towards the ball. How does this influence your golf swing? Primarily it will cause the swing to become far too steep which means the shaft of the club will never slot itself in the proper plane. To give you an example, a 8-iron swing becomes something like a lob wedge and a driver looks like an 7-iron. When the swing plane becomes too steep we tend to hit behind the ball and virtually lose all our power. Additionally, steep swings will also prohibit our arms from rotating over and closing the club face back up. This will cause our slices that we all fear as we approach our golf shots.

So how do we fix this posture problem?

Begin with resting your club behind the ball and look to set your feet

Second set your feet according to the shot you want to hit

Third is to check your alignment and make sure the knees, hips, shoulders and eye line are all going the same direction, try using a club to make sure they are all lined up

Fourth is to imagine standing against a wall and bending at the waist to about 20 to 27 degrees or to the one on a clock

By setting up with less bend at the waist, you now can swing the club around your body and on plane which will help lessen the number of slices and fat shots you hit.

Check out this picture from Golf Magazine that brilliantly illustrates what good posture looks like:[I:]

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